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Neighbors Helping Neighbors
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From the Executive Director

Dear Toco Hills Community Alliance Supporters,

It has been eight months since I started this journey as Executive Director of Toco Hills Community Alliance. Even with a background in non-profits and faith communities, I have definitely had a learning curve!

Every day I go home with the faces and the stories of the people we serve in my heart, like the disabled veterans who can't quite make their monthly check stretch, and those who are newly recovering substance abusers who are building up from rock bottom, and the refugee families who have escaped violence, and those who are experiencing homelessness who are grateful to be seen and called by their name.

This first part of this new year, the need for our services has been extremely and unusually high; we were deeply affected by the government shutdown and are continuing to see effects. Even as I hold all the faces and stories in my heart, in my head, I cannot help but worry that we will not be able to keep up with the needs of our neighbors.

What I try to hold on to in those times, though, is another lesson I have learned yet again here at Toco Hills Community Alliance: there is more than enough food, money, compassion, if we will but share it. Every time I think we will not have enough food or money or volunteers, you all as community supporters come through and needs are supplied.

So, I turn to you all in a personal way to make a plea for you to support Team THCA at the Hunger Walk Run. Quite simply put, if we do not make our goal of $25,000, we will indeed have to cut services, and at a time when the need is greater than ever. Truly, this has been keeping me up at night, as we are not on target at all.

And yet, I know our supporters are generous and resourceful and we can realistically make our goal if we all do just a little bit. In fact, if everyone on our mailing list gave or raised $100, we would meet and even exceed our goal!

Will you please support us in the Hunger Walk Run so that we can all be neighbors helping neighbors? You can join Team THCA and secure donations from others, you can make a direct donation to Team THCA or any of our Team members, you can form your own team and designate the funds to go to THCA. You may even choose to engage in some friendly competition to see which school or neighborhood association or faith community group can raise the most for THCA. And, you do not need to be present at the Walk itself to participate.

These eight months as Executive Director of Toco Hills Community Alliance has truly been my honor to serve, and I look forward to more months and years of working and growing together as neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you for being part of that.

In Gratitude,

Rev. Dr. Lisa Heilig, Executive Director